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Hurricane Ida 2021

On August 29, 2021, the eye of Hurricane Ida slammed into our community causing unprecedented damage and destruction. The extent of the damage is somethin g never before seen in our Tribal community, leaving the majority of Tribal citizen's homes destroyed or so heavily damaged they were uninhabitable, causing displacement to hundreds of Tribal citizens. Only twelve homes in the village were habitable post Ida. Many Tribal members have difficulties qualifying for rebuilding resources/programs due to nonrecognition status of the Tribe and how we hold our land titles. The increased rebuilding costs futher adds to the difficulties to rebuild. However, only one family has moved out of Pointe-au-Chien post Ida, and two have moved out of the village to upper PAC. We are currently in the process of helping Tribal citizens repair and rebuild homes.

Ida landfall 3.png

Pointe-au-Chien Indian Community

Post Ida

AP CM.png

Resilient Rebuilding Efforts

The Tribe helps to coordinate rebuilding efforts with volunteers, partners, and state agencies. Many people are still displaced in FEMA trailers, and the Tribal office helps with paperwork, appeals, and applications for assistance. The Tribe is operating a case management system to help families repair and/or rebuild homes. 

Baptist and Presbyterian missions, along with Mennonites and Amish, have come into our community to start rebuilding homes. The Baptist and Presbyterians have been providing case management and obtaining funding to assist with the building. Labor for the rebuilding efforts has been provided by the Mennonites and Amish. Their volunteer-based work and home building skills have been greatly appreciated to our Tribal community. Assisting people to build safe, resilient housing is the key priority for PACIT.

Status Clarification

The Tribe currently has state recognition but lacks federal recognition. The lack of recognition impedes the Tribe's self determination. The Tribe is actively seeking federal recognition though our efforts have been delayed due to hurricane response and planning efforts, and the lack of resources to finalize the petition materials.

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