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Culture Camp

The Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe holds a cultural camp for children ages 8-15 each summer. This camp allows for the opportunity for Tribal youth to connect to their ancestral
land and learn various knowledge about their ancestors. Whether it be lessons in
PACIT’s native French language, to making native crafts, speaking with Tribal elders,
and even visiting ancestral sites that are only accessible by water. The native youth
enjoy Culture Camp and come back year after year. The Pointe-au-Chien Indian
Tribe works to instill and pass down our native knowledge to the youth so they are
able to do the same.Volunteers from the tribe as well as neighboring tribes teach campers about their culture and heritage through many activities such as:

  • Indian French lessons to teach the tribal language

  • A Indian French song directly related to their heritage which was created by a tribal member

  • Traditional Native dances

  • History lessons in the form of stories from tribal elders of the experiences as children in all facets of life and each child is given an ancestor to research

  • Drumming

  • Singing

  • Palmetto basket weaving

  • Sewing, making, and designing of regalia and shawls

  • Blow gun demonstration

  • Bow and arrow demonstration

  • Crafts include beadwork, drumsticks, dreamcatchers, painting oyster and crab shells, chokers, coasters, willow bracelets, decorating medicine bag

  • Boat ride to historical sites such as burial grounds

  • Building a palmetto hut

  • Traditional meals for lunch prepared by Elders

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