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PACIT Efforts
The Pointe-au-Chien people have occupied the Terrebonne Basin since time immemorial.  Our lives revolve around the natural resources in our environment.  Many villages, sacred sites, and areas where we once lived and worked, are no longer habitable.  We are concerned about the impact of numerous canals built for oil and gas that have widened, bringing in salt water, and further deteriorating our lifeways.  Most of our tribal area has been excluded from the Morganza to the Gulf levee system, and we are now the front line for tropical storms and hurricanes.  
In addition to advocating for more protection, inclusion in restoration plans, and funding to make our community more resilient, we along with other Tribes in Louisiana and one in Alaska, filed a complaint with the United Nations to address the human rights violations and social injustice caused by the government's failure to protect our communities.  Read more about this effort, here: U.S. Tribes Facing Climate Crisis Unite to Address Human Rights Violations - Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (   

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